Marc Feldman's Lab

Stanford University

Current Lab Members


Larry Bond | lab administrator

Email me at lbond [at] stanford [dot] edu.


Kaleda Denton | postdoc

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I am a postdoc in the Feldman lab. My research focuses on the cultural evolution of conformist and anti-conformist transmission, and gene-culture co-evolution of altruism. I received my Bachelor of Science in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution from UCLA in 2014. There, I researched foraging behaviors in ants, birdsong syntax, and human morality.


May Levin | research assistant

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May Levin is an undergraduate at Stanford University studying Computer Science with a specialization in Biocomputation and AI.


Elisa Heinrich Mora | phd student


Elisa is a 1st year PhD Student in the Biology Department.

Javier Blanco Portillo | phd candidate

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I’m a 5th year Biology PhD candidate working under the supervision of Prof. Marcus Feldman and Prof. Alexander Ioannidis. Funded by Stanford’s Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF), my current interests are:

To expand upon our historical analysis of Polynesian settlement patterns, incorporating these insights into precision medicine strategies tailored to admixed minority populations who remain underrepresented in modern genomic databases.

To extend the study of gene-culture coevolution, leveraging datasets across diverse disciplines to illuminate the dynamic relationships between genes, culture, and ecology.

To help understand the evolution of languages by borrowing techniques from population genetics.


Michael E. Palmer, Ph.D. | visiting scholar

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Mike has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology and a B.S. in Physics from Yale University.

Mike is writing a book entitled The Evolution of Evolvability: the Recursive Macroevolution of Clades. He rejoined the Feldman lab in 2022 as a Visiting Scholar, having been a Research Associate in the lab 10+ years ago.

Mike has also spent time in the tech industry in Silicon Valley in a series of startup companies, and does some machine learning applied to genomics.


Sven Kasser | visiting phd student

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Joshua C. McDonald | visiting phd student